About Us

Satori Institute brings illuminating Ideas, Knowledge, and Art to the People. Our work is devoted to restoring Information, resuscitating Creativity, and reclaiming Living Arts. 

Designed within an educative and artistic framework Satori Institute's programs are bold and original events that inspire emotions, ignite the imagination, and bring fresh fluent insight to vital and compelling matters of our time. Satori Institute cultivates an atmosphere of radical learning and passionate engagement with creativity through a dynamic fusion of rigorous research, skilled analyses, practical wisdom, and captivating artistry. 
Our programs benefit all people who have a desire to learn, evolve, and create.  Satori Institute delivers an eclectic array of culturally and artistically sophisticated programs to schools, universities, cultural centers, corporations, conferences, and community spaces. 
At Satori we understand the Power of Awareness to expand the mind, the Power of Art to heal and electrify the soul, and the Power of People to revolutionize society.  When these forces join together within a spiral of reverence, tenacity, and courage amazing things happen. 
Satori Institute's pioneering programs catalyze Creativity and bring attention to our deeper Purpose, Power, and Responsibility as Sovereign People on a shared journey inside a Living Universe.
Satori Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization