Satori is an ancient Japanese word which implies an Awakened Mind or Wise Heart.  Mature cultures through time have traditionally had words that describe the adventure of journeying into the metaphysical, psycho-spiritual, and elemental landscapes.  And words and stories that venture to convey what the traveler finds/experiences when she or he "gets there".  Satori is one of these words.  A radiant locution whether read or spoken or heard that transmits a glint of memory.  A word that directs our attention to something alive, vast, and felt with and through the body.

The path of Satori is fueled, in part, by a desire to experience the interior self, a hunger for knowledge and connections, and a mystical cognition which delights in exploration and communication between species and worlds.  Even more importantly, held within the soul's prodigious blueprint, is an instinctive inclination to participate in the sacred cosmic action of becoming more of who you are and knowing what you are here to do.  This spirited self-determination to develop insight, create meaning, and gift the world with originality is attained through an organic cavorting between sustained discipline and spontaneous exploration; a bold exultant engagement with Life!      
This romp between structure and improvisation is necessarily charged with intensity and chaos.  It is in this in-between space, the mythic boundless crevasse, where emotions, memories, thoughts, energies, beliefs, moralities, symbols, patterns collide and spin, shatter and re-constitute.  It is here, in this roiling quantum chasm, where the real juice, the deeper Satori dwells; where new seeds of the Self take root, Insights flourish, and Creativity is ignited. 
At Satori Institute we recognize this desire to explore and engage deeply with Life as the quintessence of our humanity: The DNA of Culture itself.  Through this lens, Culture is understood as an interactive Creative Composition; Living Arts its articulation.  In all of its expressions, mysteries, and cycles Living Arts are Folk Arts: The ways of wise women and men who knew/know how to live in balance by observing and interacting with Life and Nature and translating the interactive language of the body into art and craft, story and industry.   
The inspiriting ancient seed of Living Arts, the  original delicious desire to explore and express (pure creativity and deep freedom) is increasingly being rendered a rogue dissident by the colonizing planetary crusaders.  A menacing free radical insurgent whose feral tendencies toward breaking out of confinement and actualizing startling powers of creative and intellectual portent have been dissected, mapped, tracked, radiated, engineered, medicated, poisoned, erased, rearranged, inoculated, and shocked into dangerous and destructive doctrines, procedures, and policies.  The interference and control over Mind, Body, and Nature is reaching a critical crescendo.  The colonizing crusaders are ever more intent on collapsing the wave, interrupting the signal, stopping the flow, muddling the memories. 
When nature, history, information, and creativity are controlled, distorted, and eliminated the composite infrastructure of the very definition of Culture is eroded and eventually destroyed.  The system (body) goes haywire because living systems  (natural, human, and social) evolve through variety, resilience, and intelligence. The methodical warping of symbols and events, and the purging of selves, cells, and stories serves to sever the Great Chain of Connections, unyokes us from our Ancestral Line through intellectual impoverishment, spiritual starvation, ecocidal engineering, and creative castration. 
Creativity is a divine nucleus bursting with unbounded longing to bespeak and become, belong and bestow.  This creativity is the original DNA: Divine Novelty Ascending.  Satori leads us to the intrinsic Biophilic Nature of our Human Creative Nature.  She cannot be created/destroyed by genetic rearrangements or nefarious nanobotic nonsense or perpetual poisoning.  She cannot be measured, standardized, chipped, captured, shocked, or cloned.  
Contrary to the  legion of think tank experts, academics, and industry sponsored scientists spilling and filling the public sphere with their biocidal, dis-creative, chemical obsessed, spiritless, isolated economic game theory science, inventions, and pontifications humanity has its deep sinewy roots firmly planted in the Ancient Radical Soil of Participatory Living Arts.  These are the Cultures who honored and structured society around Cosmic Female Principles of Cycles, Webs, Reverence, Sacred Intention: Life as Art.  Though largely purged from myth and memory the echoes of these Cultures and their Wisdom continue to instruct us from the background.  
Satori Institute is committed to restoring to memory and bringing into visibility the Luminous Women and Women's Communities, past and present who, along with their creative works and deep-rooted knowledge, have been purposefully written out of history, thus expunged from foreground memory.  Women whose Radical Reverence, Creative Genius, and Intellectual Virtuosity will set the standards for technological advancements, economic progress, and cultural maturation.
It is We, Here and Now, guided by Life-Loving Principles, Awakening to the critical situation at hand, Mindful of this Auspicious Planetary Procession;  the artists, artisans, scientists, architects, economists,  farmers, writers, designers, teachers, healers, astrologers, engineers.  We the People are Aspiring to a Rigorous Radical Reverential Revolutionary Re-imagining Re-invention and Re-union with Real Time, Real World,  Real Life. 

 Yes, Really