Satori Institute offers four distinctive program areas designed to immerse learners and audiences in Knowledge, Awareness, and Imagination through an intensified learning and artistic experience. Set within a didactic and aesthetic framework our programs get inside vital questions and complex subjects encouraging people to go to their intellectual and creative core to think, feel, and respond about issues and events that are critical to humanity, creativity, and nature.     


Satori Story Art Productions

Satori Institute creates and produces intelligent, psychologically and artistically sophisticated Story Art.  Our Story Art Productions captivate audiences with their vivid emotional scale, disquieting depth, luminous insights and perspectives, and stunning synthesis of Art and Life.  Satori Story Art Productions are beautifully crafted intermedia compositions that pierce through the veil of delusions and invoke audiences to see, feel, know, and conjure! OUR CURRENT WORk


Knowledge Is Art

Satori Institute's Knowledge Is Art programs are enlightening, elegant, and energetic adventures into the Living Art of Learning.  With stories, art, historical recovery, avant-garde journalism, and insightful analyses Satori Institute delivers innovative and invaluable learning experiences that are sure to Ignite Creativity. READ MORE


Satori Studios

Satori Studios are experiential workshops for ambitious exploration of Creative Process. We recognize Creative Process as a universal language of communication and responsivity between people, animals, and living systems which connects us to our humanity, ecology, and creativity. Satori Studios are finely attuned environments for group and individual study, discovery, creation, and healing. READ MORE


Sight Specific Installations

Sight Specific Installations are visual Art works made on site to enhance and vitalize public spaces and to encourage community and group participation in the Creative Process. People are invited to be with the artist at the edge of the creative cliff to witness Art as it is happening. Sight Specific Installations open the door for all people to experience the action and stillness, the mystery and mundanity, the chaos and coherence that is the Heart of Art and Life. Through a shared creative and educational experience people can begin to open to their artistic wellspring and encounter the magic of Living Arts. READ MORE